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Who is Gemma?


Gemma is the author of the books: BELIEVE IT TO SEE IT:Dreams Do Come True and TOGETHER FOREVER: 25 Lessons to Happily Ever After

Please check out Gemma's books on Amazon and let her stories inspire you more. 

Gemma is also the author of the blogs Gem's Daily Treasures (, Pinoy Teacher Stories (, and Love My Dailies ( 

She is a cum laude graduate of Bachelor in Secondary Education major in Computer Technology at the University of Santo Tomas. She also completed academic units in Master of Special Education major in Giftedness at the Philippine Normal University in the Philippines. 
In the US, she received her Master in Science Teaching at the New Mexico Mining and Technology Institute in Socorro, New Mexico. 
She worked as a college computer instructor, systems account manager, and high school teacher in the Philippines. 

In the US, she worked as a special education teacher and IEP wri…

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Gemma's Books

Gemma's Books
Gemma's Books on Amazon

Believe It!

Believe It!
Believe It to See It - Amazon

Together Forever!

Together Forever!
Together Forever - Amazon